March 2010

Added the owners and parts manual for: the model 4 Log Splitter. Also added the information (troubleshooting, belt diagram, service, specifications) from the manual to this site. Since this attachment is rare to find, this information might be helpful in building one.

February 2010

Added the parts manual for: 39 and 47 Mid Mount Mower. Both the 39" and 47" use the 3 blade system which were used on the earlier 200 series tractors. The newer model 46" used the 3 blade system but the 38" used only the 2 blade system.

January 2010

Added the parts manual for: POWER FLOW BLOWER ASSEMBLY for mid mount mower 38" and 46" deck. Also decided to add the parts manuals for the 110 and 112 series tractors 1968 - 74 (serial # 100,001-250,000 and 250,001 - ). The reasons for the additions is that there are a few people out there that have both the 200 and 100 series tractors and that the attachments can be interchanged between the two. This additions won't change the nature of the site since I just want it to be only be the 200 series, sorry 110 and 112 owners.

I have modified the parts manuals so that it can now be opened with adobe pdf. I have added 2 new parts manuals: TY9311 & TY15075 Weather Enclosures.

December 2009

Finally decided to add a facebook page. Still needs work but its up. Can be accessed through my email link on top or click here to open.

November 2009

Decided to update my links. If anyone wants my measurements for the manual angle kit for the blade let me know and I will send it to you.

Hello again. I've decided to reproduce the manual angle kit for the 43" front blade, since I didn't have one for mine. I had to use images from the web to reproduce it first using plywood, then reproducing it in steel. Here are some images of the finished angle kit before paint.

October 2009

Have added the following manuals: Weather Enclosure (older and newer) manual.

September 2009


August 2009

Have added the following manuals: Electric Lift Installation, Helper Spring Installation. Also included: Hydraulic Lift Template.

July 2009

Updated the attachments page.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Last month my notebook computer died, motherboard went bad, and for the whole month of June I was without my files. At the moment I have only added the 1987 John Deere Brochure which can be accessed at: There should be a total of 24 pictures that deals with the 200, 300 and 400 series lawn and garden tractors.

April 2009

I have joined the NC-VA Garden Tractor Club and use the screen-name littlegreentractor. Visit, sign-up, and meet some new friends.

March 2009

Added belt sizes for John Deere 200 series, and attachments.

February 2009

There appears to be a ban on sales of youth atv and replacement parts for children 12 and under do to lead components on the bike (like the battery) as part of the Consumer Product Saftety improvement act of 2008, also known as the "lead ban". Here is a link that details the situation from

Added the belts diagram for the tractor 200 series, 47" mid mount mower, mechanical tiller, and 37a snowthrower. Located on the Information main page. Also I added the serial numbers for your engine, located in Information>Serial Numbers. I also got a hold of a 1987 John Deere Lawn and Garden Brochure and I will be adding the pictures to this site.

Feeling sick with the flu, decided to add some stuff. I have created a site map where you can access it from the main page. Also I decided to post the wiring diagrams and grease diagrams as well. These are located on the Information main page. I am still working on the belt diagrams so I havn't posted it yet. Also I have added a few more images to the showcase.

January 2009

Updated the information>specification page by including a engine section that supports models 200, 208, 210, 212, 214 and 216. This was taken from the JD Service manual. Click Here to view that page.

I have finished the tractor showcase, which is located on the main page to the right. All additional links related to this site can be accessed through the main page. I will be adding additional pictures and equipment. I tried to get pictures of the attachments, unattached to the tractor, so you when you are looking to purchase one off ebay or anywhere else, you can compare it to my images to see if it matches. I have seen people on ebay state it works for the 200 series but was ment for a different tractor or vise versa.



I have the following parts manuals ready for emailing: If anyone needs one for their John Deere 200 series just click on the email "@" button next to links.

Parts Manuals that are available:
John Deere 200 Series Tractor
37A Snowblower / Snowthrower
30 inch - Hydraulic Tiller
46-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
43-Inch Front Blade
31 - inch Mechanical Tiller
38-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
39 & 47-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
43c Center Blade
Weather Enclosure (older and newer) parts manual

Owners Manuals that are available:
John Deere 210, 212, 214, and 216 (1987 Year manual)
46-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
37A Snowblower / Snowthrower
43-Inch Front Blade
30 - inch Hydraulic Tiller (not the mechanical Tiller)
31 - Inch Rotary Mechanical Tiller - taken from repair manual
Weather Enclosure (older and newer) manual

Installation Guides / Manuals:
Integral Hitch / Rear Lift Kit
Hydraulic Lift Installation
Hydraulic Lift Template
Electric Lift Installation
Helper Spring Installation

Diagrams / Adjustments / Reference
Wiring Diagrams (including electric lift) for (200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216)
Carburetor Adjustments for (200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216)
Bolt Torque Chart
Grease Fittings for (200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216)






Service Guide


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