Greetings, as you probably know I'll be pretty busy in the next few weeks trying to gather as much useful info for your John Deere tractor. So there may still be more pages being added or changed depending what I think is useful.

Input and ideas are welcomed as long as it deals with a John Deere 200 series lawn and garden tractor.


September 16

Sorry for not updating this site since June, I had trouble with the Computer and lost some info for this site.

I have been thinking about this for a while, and can't decide of what I should do. What I'm planning on doing is to scan the owner manuals for the tractors and attachments and be able to email to anyone who requests for it. I havn't started to scan them in yet, so I wouldn't know the total size of each manual would be yet. I'll make a decision by the end of next week.

Anyways, in the past few months I managed to restore a STIHL 050AV with a blown piston and cylinder. I can't believe how much torque it has. Also I am in the process of restoring an old Mall 2mg chainsaw. Weighs a ton, so it will be interesting to see how it sounds when I get it running.





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