October 2011

Everything is back in motion. I have posted a homemade grillguard in the showroom page. Also I have obtained a JD31 Integral Rotary Tiller manual for the 200 series (there is also info for the 110 and 112 tractors). I have also obtained manuals for the older 200 series with serial numbers 070001-095000 and 095001-. And also a 208 owners manual.

September 2011

Lost power for a week from Hurricane Irene. Using Dial-up for the moment. Still no cable, so I am unable to send out files.

January 2011

Sorry been busy in the past few months. Hope everyone has fun in the snow in these recent weeks and months. This year they predicted a mild year for our state, and yet we had at least 7" of snow around Christmas time. I'm upset because I didn't get a chance to hook up the snowblower in time for the snow since the weather forcast predicted only an inch of snow. The good news though I had a smaller push snowblower that did the job.

In the meantime, I would like some input for any information you would like to see on this website. More pictures for certain attachments. Ideas that you created for your tractor. Someone sent me pictures on a grill guard that came with their tractor. I will try to get them posted by the end of the week. Also I would like to see any pictures if you created a roll bar for your tractor, like those seen on the bigger models.



I have the following parts manuals ready for emailing: If anyone needs one for their John Deere 200 series just click on the email "@" button next to links.

Parts Manuals that are available:
John Deere 200 Series Tractor
37A Snowblower / Snowthrower
30 inch - Hydraulic Tiller
46-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
43-Inch Front Blade
31 - inch Mechanical Tiller
38-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
39 & 47-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
43c Center Blade
Weather Enclosure (older and newer) parts manual

Owners Manuals that are available:
John Deere 210, 212, 214, and 216 (1987 Year manual)
46-Inch Mid Mount Rotary Mower
37A Snowblower / Snowthrower
43-Inch Front Blade
30 - inch Hydraulic Tiller (not the mechanical Tiller)
31 - Inch Rotary Mechanical Tiller - taken from repair manual
Weather Enclosure (older and newer) manual

Installation Guides / Manuals:
Integral Hitch / Rear Lift Kit
Hydraulic Lift Installation
Hydraulic Lift Template
Electric Lift Installation
Helper Spring Installation

Diagrams / Adjustments / Reference
Wiring Diagrams (including electric lift) for (200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216)
Carburetor Adjustments for (200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216)
Bolt Torque Chart
Grease Fittings for (200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216)






Service Guide


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