getting started- tractor
PTO clutch lever


CAUTION: Start engine ONLY outdoors or in a well ventilated area. Exhaust fumes are very dangerous.

Note: The tractor has a safety switch. The engine will not start unless the PTO is disengaged and transmission lever is in N (neutral) position

1. Disengage PTO clutch by pulling lever rear-ward.

2. Fully depress clutch pedal and shift transmission into neutral. Depress brake pedal and lift parking brake knob. Move knob to left and release into long vertical slot.

3. Raise the throttle lever to the 1/4 open position.
4. If the engine is cold, pull the choke knob out.
NOTE: It usually isn't necessary to choke a warm engine.

5. Turn ignition key to "START" position. When engine starts, push choke knob in. In extremely cold weather, leave the choke knob out until engine begins to warm up.
NOTE: Let engine warm up before applying load.

IMPORTANT: Do not operate starter for more than 20 seconds at a time or you may damage starter. Wait 2 minutes befor you try again.

After engine starts:
-Release key to RUN position.
-Gradually push choke knob in.
-Move throttle lever to half-throttle position.

6. With engine running, the ammeter needle should be in the black (+) area or in the vertical position between the black (+) area and the amber (-) area. If the needle is in the amber (-) area, check the electrical connections or contact your dealer.

Warming Engine

Run engine at half speed for 2 to 3 minutes.

Idling Engine

1. The engine is air-cooled and needs a large volume of air to keep cool. Keep grille and side panels clean.

2. Avoid unnecessary engine idling


1. Fully depress the clutch pedal. Fully depress the brake pedal to stop tractor. Keep pedals depressed.

2. Shift transaxle into neutral.

3. Move parking brake knob left into long vertical slot and release. (Brake pedal will remain depressed.)

4. Pull the PTO clutch lever back to disengage power-driven equipment.

5. Lower mounted equipment to the ground with the lift lever.

6. Return throttle lever to idle position and allow engine to idle momentarily before turning ignition key to the "OFF" (vertical) position.

7. Release clutch pedal and remove ignition key.

CAUTION: Be sure tractor and attachment moving parts have stopped before dismounting from tractor. Remove igniton key each time you leave tractor to prevent unauthorized use.






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